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Monday, October 16, 2006

BCS & Beyonce

Check on the BCS---FOR A JOKE!
The BCS is out Ohio State-1, USC-2, Michigan-3 & Auburn-4?. Stay with me. How is Auburn #4? Last week Arkansas crushed Auburn, in Auburn. Arkansas only has one loss, and that's to the #2 BCS Team---USC. So, where do you think Arkansas is ranked in the BCS 5..NO, 7 NO, 10..way to high, 12 please....13 Bingo.

What powerful forces really, really want Auburn to be in the top 4? Perhaps, Under Armour the new sports apparel company, whom is a Nike rival. notice the ourageously huge logo that Auburn sports on their jersey...Click Clack should be Click Cash.....Tennessee (11) beat CAL, whom is ranked higher at 10. UT is an Adidas team....they better pull out the credit card. Hey, here is the You Tube Sports Rank: Ohio State 1, Michigan 2, USC 3, West Virginia 4, Arkansas 5, Texas 6, Auburn 7, Florida 8, Tennessee 9, Louisville 10, Notre Dame 11, Wisconsin 12, Boise St. 13



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