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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Snoop Dogg Football

Snoop Dogg the rapper is normally in videos, and selling Chrysler cars with Iacocca...."But now the team is in slow meltdown, as is the league, because of what infuriated parents are describing as a dastardly end-run around them performed by Snoop Dogg. He created his own league last month, calling it the Snoop Youth Football League.

Parents in the US - fathers especially - take their children's sports immensely seriously and they don't react well when someone messes with their routine.

They are especially upset in Orange County because the field that Snoop is playing on seems tilted in his favour. Kids are defecting to his league in droves.

How can they resist, when Snoop doles out gifts, like fashion clothes, and promises rides on his new league bus? No ordinary charabanc, it is kitted out with television screens to watch rap videos (and play-backs of the game, of course) and a sound system that pumps out his songs."
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