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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Ku Klux Shakira

Shakira is Caribbean, she likes Caribbean players. Everybody likes Shakira. Jimmy "The Greek", stop flopping in your casket, because wacko Larry Krueger, went Ku Klux Klan in San Fran. The Giants' flagship station, KNBR, fired talk-show host Larry Krueger, who ranted about the struggling team during his postgame radio show last week. He complained about too many ``brain-dead Caribbean hitters hacking at slop nightly'' and said Alou's ``mind has turned to Cream of Wheat.'' Clearly, this was stupid. Yet, it is a sign of some rebellion from MLB fans are growing weary of the over-commercialism of America's Game. The MLB has gone the way of Nike & Wal-Mart, by going after low cost, no headache, high return employees from overseas. While the All-American "Field of Dreams" kids go work the MLB's local low-budget Minor League teams---they rarely get out of that sports ghetto.

MLB's All-Star game featured Caribbean players, waving their flags, speaking their native language and having a great time. No crime; just invite the gazillions of fans and customers whom were watching your private "on the field" party next time. We need American Flags flying, the boys in the hell hole in Iraq need the support & the kids on the South Side of Chicago need to be encouraged that #23 jerseys can be worn in Baseball. MLB is going global, all you Krueger's will just have to get over it. Me? I'm watching the Dallas Mavericks.


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