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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Green Bigot Revolution

The Eagles booted TO out of training camp, & is set to return on Wednesday. OK, he acted like a the girl scout selling cookies or the girl who turned you down for a prom date, who knew she was super hot. By Wednesday, the Eagle players will have made a decision on whether to keep or boot TO from the team. It will not be the coaches or the check writers. who make the call. The Eagles are contract neo-cons, the players know it. Remember, last year Pro-Bolwer Trotter, got joed by the Eagles during his negotiations, extending the Eagle's poor reputation. Simply, they hate paying for value, unless its the QB. I wonder would they have treated McNabb that way? It must be in the Allegheny because the Steelers are giving their Wide Receiver Hines Ward the TO treatment, and he refused to report to camp. Yet, Hines did not cop the MNF ad. with the desperate house wife, which has created many haters.

The Steelers let Wide receiver Plaxico Burris, due to money, go to New York during the off season. The Philadelphia Phillies nor the Pittsburg Pirates are liked by pro players, & all considered very "cheap". McNabb & AI are the only Pennsylvania players making big chips, and that's because deep-pocket Comcast, a corporate parent, is footing AI's bill.

Could the blue collar state, be prejudiced against green money? PA Folks made money in the steel mills, got dirty and came home to watch their heroes. Those same fans are probably members of a union, fully understand negotiations, hold outs and walking off the job. So, as the fans become more informed about the TO contract & the ridiculous NFL contract structure, they are going to relate to TO. For instance, NFL players can get cut, for any reason at anytime without pay. Steel workers and union membes in Philly, would never sign a NFL Collective Bargainnig Agreement that had such harsh stipulations. See, it will hit home soon since most of their union jobs are moving to Alabama or sent overseas.

Clearly, the fans understand that a man whom played with a broken leg in the biggest show on earth, deserves a raise. Since most of them would be sent home by the employer and the union if they were hurt. Yet, media and management muddy the waters by cranking the PR machines spewing that a millionaire is too rich and spoiled and does not deserve to even have a meeting to discuss a raise. I mean guys, a meeting would not hurt!

But giving TO a raise, may inspire these union member fans, to ask for raises on their jobs. In a union laden state I am sure that CEOs of manufacturing companies simply want TO to go away, beofore he starts a revolution. Well, maybe even sparking conversations about "what is a fair wage" is dangerous in a global economy that now includes China.


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  • At 4:32 PM , Blogger Victoria said...

    Dude, you have some serious attitude problems.

    And, as a girl from Pittsburgh, we aren't predjuiced againest money.

  • At 4:56 PM , Blogger meg said...

    Plax wasn't worth anymore money-overrated and not a teamplayer.
    Hines Ward is another story though-they'd better sign him or the season's over before it starts.


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