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Thursday, August 18, 2005

MLB: Big Pimping!

Palmeiro, got punked. Dude, you are still an idiot. But, Major League, a paid drug pimp, punished Palmeiro for performance enhancing drugs. Yet, Viagra, the ultimate performance enhancing drug, is the number one sponsor for MLB! Crazier, Palmeiro is the Viagra pitchman. Once again total Hypocrisy. Hey MLB, America just wants to lose weight, stop diabetes, cut strokes and heart disease can you help? I admit Viagra, saves a lot of marriages, but,h ow about pushing Pyruvate, since it actually it is natural, over the counter and works, without the weight bouncing back. 45 minute per week of exercise & a low fat diet, and you got a great elixir for non-drug performance enhancing.


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