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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

TO, Get Your Money!

The Cowboy Cheerleaders are not the only thing hot in Dallas. The NBA Mav's just cut Mike Finley & has to pay him the remainder of his $50 million Contract. He is a free agent, and is being hotly pursued by the Heat to sign a new multi-million dollar guaranteed contract.

Now, let me get this straight. The NBA has an Amnesty program, that allows teams to cut luxury tax debts by cutting a player. The poor cut player continues to receive his guaranteed contract, & is free to sign & play for a new NBA team under a new guaranteed contract. Thus, getting 2 guaranteed checks at the same time, in the same mailbox. Unbelievable, ESPN and all the pundits, are clowning TO for asking for a meeting, to ask for more money on his unguaranteed NFL contract. Gene Upshaw, the Union chief, should be fired. The NFL players are getting joed.

The NBA amnesty provision allows teams to remove a player's contract from its payment of the luxury tax, which is imposed on clubs whose payrolls exceed $61.7 million. Teams are taxed dollar- for-dollar on the amount they exceed the threshold.

Finley, 32, has three years remaining on a $102.2 million contract that he signed in 2001.

Finley's contract -- and those of the other amnesty players -- will still count toward the salary cap, or team spending limit, which is $49.5 million next season. Finley will still get paid by the Mavericks, and is free to sign with another team. Amnesty players can't re-sign with their teams for the length of their contracts.According to published reports in Dallas, Finley is negotiating a contract with the Miami Heat, who this offseason already added Antoine Walker and Jason Williams to play alongside Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade.


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