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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

1 Big Fish

The 2005 NFL Draft will be a big party for the Wolverine constituents. UM's Braylon Edwards is slated to be picked at the top of the class, and all is well in Camelot. Just last year Breylan threatened to go early, and give up his final season. Old number 1 decided to come back only after heart to heart meetings with Head Coach Lloyd Carr. Today, he is set to fly to New York, to pick up a multi-million dollar pay day check. The only question, who will sign it?

In my opinion, Desmond Howard, is the only very great Michigan All-American not to wear No 1 besides Charles Woodson, who wore #2. However, Edwards is the greatest receiver in the history of "Big House" football. Better than Anthony Carter, Derrick Alexander and the Patriot's David Terrell. My two-cents is Braylon will be kicking it with Shaq. As of today, the Dolphins are rumored to trade their second pick, to move down in the draft. Well, that could be true, yet, unlikely. Picking Edwards adds value, fills a need and he is the best athlete on the board. The fins would only be trying to save money, by not drafting him at the two spot.

Certainly, the Vikings may try to swap picks with Miami. Culpepper spent quality time recruiting Edwards to replace recently departed Randy Moss. Regardless of the outcome, South Beach is the hottest spot for the celebrity crowd. Having Braylon as a Dolphin, provides another reason for Wolverine fans to take the road trip.